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POLYRETEC Ink Printing Film Granulator Test Machine Successful

On August 12th, 2019, the Australian customer came to our company to carry out the acceptance test of the PTC-ML80-100 PE woven bag film granulator purchased by him. The test machine was successful once, the output per hour was up to 200KG, and the particle size was even. The surface is smooth and free of pores.

PTC-ML80-100 PE woven bag film granulator has low energy consumption and high output. The consumption of 1 ton PE woven bag particles is 400KW, and the power consumption per kilogram is 2.5KG/KW. This line uses a unique PE woven bag extrusion process. Combined with the perfect granulator technology, combined with efficient filtration technology: based on physical shearing, no screen changer combined with double-column filter cartridge large-area screen changer, greatly reducing material waste, reducing screen change time, saving Manually, high-efficiency filtration of impurities and cotton/PET polyester while ensuring constant continuous production. And with the core technology – the exclusive use of horizontal water ring pelletizing system, can realize the die face hot cutting of ≤ 20 pure PE: the linear guide used in this system greatly facilitates the operation and maintenance of the system; The pneumatic adjustment device used for the blade to contact the die surface ensures that each blade is 100% evenly attached to the die, thereby ensuring the uniform fullness of the final pellet size and improving the working life of the pelletizing blade and the die. There is insulation design. The pelletizing speed and thickness are controlled by the frequency converter. The upper part of the granule machine is equipped with a moisture-removing dust removal system, a first-stage vacuum exhaust system, and the first-stage and second-stage transition sections adopt a puller open design for the third exhaust, which has a good exhaust effect.

Different from the past, this production line uses a new type of dewatering vibrating screen plus a horizontal dewatering and feeding machine, and directly saves a fan at the end.

The customer was very satisfied with the acceptance result. On the spot, the deposit was paid in cash and a granulation line was added to expand the production.

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