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ABS/PS Shell Crushing Washing Production Line

Scope of Application
◆ ABS HIPS Television shell
◆ ABS washing machine shell
◆ Refrigerator shell
◆ Air conditioner shell
◆ PS car, electric car battery shell

ABS/PS Shell Crushing Washing Production Line

Category: ABS/PS household appliance waste processing line

Product Introduction:

ABS PS household appliance shell crushing washing recycling production line is mainly used for processing various kinds of television shells, computer shells, refrigerator shells, washing machine shells, air conditioner shells, car battery shells, electric vehicle battery shells and other waste large-sized hollow household appliance shells, by dismantling and crushing, salt water flotation, dehydration and drying, rubber bounce separation and electrostatic separation, to separate impurities and metal in the materials and obtain high-purity engineering raw materials for re-use.

Firstly, dismantle the waste hollow-type ABS PS appliance shells and break into small pieces, then remove surface stains by high-speed friction scrubbing, then wash out some impurities by salt water washing, then clean with clean water, then dry by centrifugal dehydration and hot wind drying, then use bounce separator and electrostatic separator, so to separate out metal, rubber and impurities and finally to obtain various kinds of high-purity engineering raw materials. The obtained clean household appliance shell flakes can be made into pellets for re-use.

ABS/PS Shell Crushing Washing Production Line

Scope of Application

◆ ABS HIPS Television shell

◆ ABS washing machine shell

◆ Refrigerator shell

◆ Air conditioner shell

◆ PS car, electric car battery shell

Technical Characteristics

◆ The crushing system adopts wear-resistant design to ensure long time continuous and stable system running

◆ The high-speed centrifugal cleaning system applies the corresponding blade striking force to different materials at the most suitable rotation speed, and cleaning effect is good

◆ The dry electrostatic separator mainly uses high-voltage electric field separation principle to separate different materials based on different charge levels of different materials in the same unit voltage electric field. There is no waste gas / water / solid waste generation, and no pollution to environment.

◆ The specially designed air-flow winnowing system can effectively separate light materials such as sponges and dust in dismantling and sorting of household appliances, and improve purity and recycling rate of various materials

◆ The strong magnetic drum-type magnetic separation system efficiently separates the iron and steel in the material and controls the purity of the iron and steel material. By its special working method, it is not easy to absorb impurities when separating the iron and steel

◆ The entire line is automatically controlled, with associated operation between the units of the system and high automation degree

◆ Circulating water is used to ensure the cleaning effect while reducing water consumption

◆ After theoretical calculations and multiple actual measurements, the details of the mechanical operation of the crushing, cleaning, and drying links are adjusted to avoid material loss due to excessive processing

◆ The production line can be equipped with sewage and waste water treatment system to recycle and reuse the sewage through sedimentation and filtration, and meet environmental protection discharge standards, and solving your worries

Product Description:

In household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, washing machines, PP, PS, ABS, PVC and other plastic materials account for a large proportion, and the value of these plastic is relatively higher compared to other plastic. Therefore, how to quickly and conveniently separate plastic in home appliances is also an urgent concern for industries such as recycling.

Plastic Separation and Recycling Process:

The recyclable resources in home appliances are not just plastic. Therefore, after crushing waste home appliances, firstly sort out various metal resources, and then sort the plastic crushed materials, and other waste plastic products to be sorted should also be crushed condition. Even if it is not, we also have plastic crusher to crush plastic products for easy sorting. Therefore, waste plastic sorting can also be said as the removal of impurities in plastic crushed materials.

Sorting process reference: mixed plastic crushing material → material feeder (uniform convey material) → salt water floating tank (remove heavy materials such as stones and metals, leave various plastic and other light floating materials lighter than salt water) → plastic crusher (crush the mixed plastic) → clean water washing tank (clean the plastic, and basically classify the plastic according to the materials) → dehydration machine(remove water) → dryer (dry material) → silicone separation machine (remove rubber, silica gel and other impurities, so to obtain relatively clean plastic, according to the different materials, the purity is 99%+).

Now, the relatively clean plastic can be sold, and its value has increased a lot compared to the original mixture (so many people will buy these raw materials and sell them after sorting to earn the profit). Of course, if it is necessary, we can further refine the plastic to continue to increase its value.

After sorting the relatively clean plastic, we can also separate the plastics of different materials with electrostatic sorting machine. After that, we can also use the color sorting machine to sort the plastics of different colors.

Electrostatic sorting machine adopts 1+2 sorting method. The principle is to separate the plastic according to their materials, based on the difference in electrical properties of different plastic materials. Color sorters are divided into waterfall type and craw type.

Sales service

  1. Pre-sale: we give customer the plastic recycling machinery detail technician offer, sign the sales contract etc
  2. In-sale: we supply the plastic film bag granulating machine (together with granulating machine if needed as a recycling system) layout, installation, technical support. Running the plastic film bag granulating recycling machine line before delivery.

After customer’s acceptance,we arrange the related machine delivery rapidly, provide detailed packing list and related documents for customers' customs clearance.

  1. After sales: we arrange our experienced engineer to install the machinery and training the workers for customer in customer factory.
  2. We have 24 hours team to support the after-sales service
  3. We have free spare parts with the machine when we deliver the machine.

We supply long-term spare parts for every customer with cost price

  1. We always update the new technology to every customer
  2. FAQ for our plastic recycling machine
  3. How can I get fast response of products?

You can send mails for our products details, and also we’re available in fast talking tool such as wechat, whatsapp, viber, linkedIn, facebook, etc.

  1. How soon can I get a quotation?

For most projects, once we know the necessary information of the recycled raw material , we can provide you with a quotation within 24 hours.

  1. Can I have a customized design?

We design and construct each project according to customer's needs.

Customized is based on request (For example: USA 480V 60Hz, Mexico 440V/220V 60Hz, Saudi Arabia 380V 60Hz, Nigeria 415V50Hz....)

  1. Is there a minimum order requirement?

Caused by the daily production capacity is very huge and shipping freight, our minimum order quantity is 1set, but we can help to do several colors for choice. It is recommended for you to order a 20”GP or 40”HC to reduce the unit price and shipping cost.

  1. What are your office hours?

You can reach us between the hours of 8:00 A. M. and 5:00 P. M. GTM+8, Monday to Saturday, except Chinese national holidays.

  1. Do you have a price catalog?

We are a professional plastic recycling machine manufacturer. We have different models even for same material type recycling machine, suggest to ask price/quotation based on real needs(e.g. capacity or your rough budget).

7.How do I know I can trust ordering from you?

We have been in business since 2003 and are committed to bringing our customers 100% satisfaction. You can visit them if the customer allows the visit.

Suzhou Polytec Machine Co., Ltd is a competitive manufacturer in producing customized plastic recycling machine (shredding, crushing, washing and granulation machines). Such as PE PP film washing and granulation machine, PP woven bag / PP non woven fabric washing and granulation machine, PE PP rigid washing and granulation machine, PET bottle washing and granulation machine, parallel twin-screw granulation recycling machine.

Our machines are specialized in processing PP PE PET PA PVC ABS PS EVA, etc. POLYTEC exported high quality machines to customers from various countries in the passed years, such as USA, Mexico, Australia, Croatia, Spain, Oman, KSA, Cameroon, Swaziland, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc.
We insist on the following principles: continuous innovation on technique, strict quality control, perfect service and reasonable price. 
Quality is the soul of an enterprise. We always put quality as the first consideration. 
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