RECOUP, will be challenging the delegates at their Plastics Recycling Conference on 27th September 2018, to answer the question of whether the industry is making the most of the opportunities available while the spot light remains on plastics.


Peter von Bechen,

Is the plastics recycling industry “seizing the day” and responding to the political and media attention in ways that enable a co-ordinated and proactive approach to driving plastics recycling?

With the necessity for today’s businesses, consumers and governments to take much greater environmental responsibility, more ambitious proposals and strategies around resources and recycling should not be a surprise to anyone. As a not for profit organisation and registered charity, the vision of the organisation is to lead and inform the continued development of plastics recycling that is sustainable and protects resources.

David Bellamy, RECOUP Patron and Environmental Campaigner confirmed his ongoing support; “I am pleased to say that after many years as patron of RECOUP, the organisation continues to play a critical role in the development of UK plastic resources and recycling. Ensuring that this valuable resource is recycled is a key part of developing a circular economy, improving resource security, and achieving environmental responsibility.”

RECOUP point out that while the priority is for all plastic to be controlled at end of life to avoid any leakage into the environment; re-use and recycle have an important part to play to embrace circular thinking. Can more can be done by the plastic supply and recycling chain to show a co-ordinated and pro-active industry who are working beyond their legal requirements to really address environmental issues and improve plastic resource use? This is critically important while extended responsibility discussions continue, which will eventually ensure environmental considerations are a priority consideration for all, rather than the pro-active few.

Mike Barney, RECOUP Chairman, commented “It is time for change in plastic resource management, and that is what is happening. We encourage all stakeholders to join the expected 300+ delegates at our annual conference to share the collective expertise and enthusiasm across RECOUP members and wider networks. It is indeed time to seize the day.”

The Conference is noted for not shying away from discussing the key challenges facing the plastics recycling industry. The event has gained a reputation as being a forum where the ‘bigger picture’ of plastics recycling, covering issues of household confusion; litter/seepage into the natural environment; technology in sorting; advances in reprocessing and end markets, are shared. It is an opportunity where all sectors can exchange best practice and learn from each other.

Stuart Foster, RECOUP CEO said that “It has been an exceptional year with a significant increase in membership support, unprecedented levels of corporate and consumer interest in plastics, the environment, resources and recycling. RECOUP is a leading authority on plastic waste and resource management and will continue to deliver in this space as the UK’s plastic recycling value chain co-ordinators.”

The RECOUP Plastics Recycling Conference will be held at KingsGate Conference Centre, Peterborough on 27th September 2018 and is open for registration.

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